Professional Family Therapy in Tyler, TX

Our counselors offer professional family therapy services to clients in the Tyler, TX area. We believe that working with families is of critical importance. Humans are relational by nature. We are not designed to exist in isolation. As a result, individuals interact with each other in patterned ways. These patterned interactions form the basis for the development of systems which, in a sense, take on their own identity. Often, when an individual is experiencing emotional or behavioral difficulties, the problem lies within the system as a whole rather than solely with the individual. 

The family system is the foundational building block of society. Unfortunately, this very important system can easily become unhealthy.  Our counselors work with families to identify boundaries, roles, and relational dynamics that are causing difficulty. Once identified, the counselor works with the family as a unit to make necessary adjustments and find solutions to the problems. 

Family therapy is a systemic approach that includes working with parents and children together and often may include members of a third or even fourth generation. This approach views the problem as existing in the system rather than any one individual and allows the whole family to find healing. 

Family system problems are often deeply engrained and are many times passed down from generation to generation. Through proper intervention these problems can be identified and solved, providing a more positive experience for all members of the family both now and in the future.

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